There is a saying that you only cry twice in Bloemfontein when you arrive and when you leave. What is it about this vibrant city that makes its inhabitants cry when they must leave?

More people are relocating their families to smaller cities that are safer and offer a better quality of life. Bloemfontein is one of those smaller cities, but why? Let’s take a look at a few reasons that lure people to this friendly city.


  1. A city without the disadvantages of a big city

Although Bloemfontein is a city, with all the advantages of a city, it does not have the disadvantages of the big cities. Quora conducted a survey of pros and cons regarding Bloemfontein and most people agreed that you could be at any place in Bloemfontein, within a half hour – even in peak traffic. The city has the infrastructure to host a much larger population than it currently has. Bloemfontein was planned thoroughly and is well laid out with shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities in almost each suburb in Bloemfontein.

Here are some of the respondents’ comments:

“I love Bloemfontein because it offers all the necessary qualities needed to live a quality life – excellent municipal services, excellent educational institutions, medical services of a high quality, good road and air transport facilities and most important – its kind people.”

“Bloemfontein is calm and friendly city. It’s mostly viewed as a student city because it has two major universities and thousands of students. It has a perfect family friendly environment and less traffic.”

“It is far from the maddening crowd yet has all one needs to feel like you are moving forward in life. You spend less time traveling to get from point a to b. It is a clean town. A friendly city it is indeed.”


  1. Lively Property Market – buy and rent

The property market in Bloemfontein is extremely active. Residential properties are well priced and affordable. There are numerous new developments within the northern parts of Bloemfontein and thus an opportunity to purchase a brand-new property, in this exclusive area, from the developer without having to pay any transfer duties. These properties are in demand and in the unlikely event of you having to move to another city, should be sold with relative ease.


There are a wide variety of residential properties to choose from when you would like to rent a property in Bloemfontein. This is what you can expect when in search of a rental property in the area:



Town Houses

Flats (Apartments)


Number available





Price (Lowest)

R 4 000

R 3 200

R 1500

R 1 700

Price (Highest)

R 30 000

R 17 000

R10 800

R 3 200


This is what one of the respondents had to say about properties in Bloemfontein

“Relatively low cost of living for an excellent “standard” of life.”


  1. Schools and tertiary institutions

Education is the key to success. Bloemfontein can proudly offer some of the best schools in the country like Grey College, Christian Brothers College, St Andrew’s, St Michaels, Eunice Girls School, Oranje Meisieskool, Brebner Primary, Jim Fouche Primary and Secondary and Willem Postma Primary, to name but a few. The City of Roses and surrounding area’s have no less than one hundred and eighty-nine schools to choose from.

When it comes to universities Bloemfontein will not disappoint with the University of the Free State (UFS) and Central University of Technology topping the list. The UFS is the only university in the Free State to offer training for medical doctors and is one of only seven universities in South Africa to offer this course. Both these universities have numerous residences to offer accommodation to students with private companies offering student accommodation in nearby areas.


  1. Shopping centers and malls

Bloemfontein has no less than twenty large and medium shopping centers and malls spreaded evenly across the city. Northridge Mall, Mimosa Mall, and Waterfront Mall tops the list with numerous retailers to pick and choose from. Gone are the days of having to order something or travel to a larger city to buy it because it was not on offer in Bloemfontein. It is worth mentioning that one of the most successful retail family businesses, Kloppers, is situated and originated in Bloemfontein and has been in existence for fifty-five years. They currently occupy the largest area of the Waterfront mall. This shop offers everything from school uniforms to hardware and furniture and they are infamous for their competitive prices.


  1. Recreational Facilities

Recreation is important to the people of Bloemfontein and there is a wide variety of facilities to make use of or places to visit ranging from sports clubs, gyms, theatres, markets to sporting events. The Toyota Free State stadium is the largest sports stadium in the Free State with hosting capacity of 46 000 spectators. This is the home ground of the Free State rugby team – The Cheetahs.

Virgin Active has two clubs in Bloemfontein, one in the southern side and the other serving the northern suburbs. The latter has been upgraded recently and it situated in the Northridge mall with plenty of parking available. Moms and dads with toddlers can leave their kids in the capable hands of the gym’s crèche while experiencing a good workout.


  1. Medical Facilities

Excellent medical facilities are synonymous with the city of Bloemfontein. There are currently ten private hospitals in the city with the latest editions being Busamed situated at the Bram Fisher International Airport and Emoya Med Private Hospital in the north of Bloemfontein. A wide variety of medical services are offered at these hospitals. With all the medical facilities accompanied by the necessary expertise in Bloemfontein, there is no medical procedure too big or complicated not to be performed in Bloemfontein.


If you are also thinking of making the big move to Bloemfontein to achieve a better, quality lifestyle for your family, you should be looking at properties like these:

Oak Land Lifestyle Estate is a brand new up-market estate in the Northern suburbs of Bloemfontein. This estate will feature amenities like a shopping centre, day care, outdoor gym, children’s play area, soccer field and much more.

Another lifestyle estate in Bloemfontein is Arcata, situated Bloemspruit. This estate also offers amenities like an outdoor gym and play area for children, day care, a clinic, shopping center etc. 


Bloemfontein, the City of Roses and friendly faces.  A big city with a country feel – Bloemfontein will never disappoint!