There are quite a few new developments, what factors made you decide to buy Ivy Hill in Wild Olive?

  1. Location! Location! Location!

Ivy hill situated at the prime position of Wild Olive Estate, just adjacent to Seven Dam, has stunning view.

Also with the upgrade of Northridge Mall, you have everything you need in your footstep. Picknpay, Woolworth, Cinema, Gym, dischem, coffee shops and restaurants…..lots of more.

  1. Modern Design

Ivy hill has very modern design, like very beautiful and modern architectural designs, like very spacious modern kitchen, modern loft ( very flexible space for you to decide what to use according to your own need), the spacious walk in closet, and double shower in main bathrooms etc.

  1. Trendy and modern interior finishing

Lenova is proud of it’s trendy and modern interior finishing, like the modern designed kitchen always catch your eyes with lots of details, up-market pocerlin tiles, and very trendy paint colors, very spacious walk in closet with adjustable shelves, double shower for “his” and “ hers”……

  1. Different designs meet your need

Ivy hill, it has free standing 3 or 4 bedroom with 3 bathrooms and double garage.

Size from 200 square meter to 282 square meter. Price range from R1,880,000 to R2,450,000.

For 3 bedroom unit, we have one design: the ground floor bedroom almst identical to your main bedroom top floor which gives client choice if they rather want to stay at ground floor.

4 bedroom units, we have one type have a very spacious modern loft, you can decide what to use this luxury space, family room, pyjama lounge or home office or your gym…

In addition to your own landscaped garden, you have the assurance that you and your loved ones are living in an exceedingly safe environment. Besides the CCTV monitoring, the electric fence; the access controlled gate you have the 24 hour security patrol of Wild Olive Estate ensuring the personal well being of you and your family.

To view this magnificent property, contact Alice Zhao at Lenova Construction at 0763914068 and by email: