The property market has been dominated for many years by the Seller, but right now it is all about you: THE BUYER.

With the plethora of stock and variety of choice, the current climate is an excellent time to buy. A reduced interest rate with higher bank approval rates creates the perfect platform for buyers to invest in a home: be it your first, a downscale to a smaller property or your retirement investment.

Buying into a brand new development saves you a considerable amount of money because there are no transfer costs. This means that you immediately set out with that little bit extra in your pocket for your own special project in your new home.

A developer like Lenova is a trend setter in today’s market. Plans are changed to accommodate your individual needs. Only the best in respect of impeccable finishings are offered. Their homes are created around you with attention to detail; designer cupboards; luxurious bathrooms; walk in closets; double showers; pyjama lounges; lofts and so much more.

Paying exorbitant rentals hardly make sense in our economic climate. Why pay huge sums of money toward something that will never be your own? Instead make an informed decision to take advantage of the current stagnant market and stake your claim to ownership. Your home will in time become your appreciating asset.

Remember that the sooner you buy, the easier it will be to finance your home purchase. At the moment you may need less income to qualify for a home loan. Procrastinate and you may lose this window of opportunity. Investment creation is the buzz word of the 21st century. What better way to build your own property portfolio in the current buyer favoured clime? Secure your family for life.

Lenova has a range of beautiful properties in Wild Olive Estate at your disposal: Harvard Crest; Ivy Hill; Goldberg; Jedburgh .Dealing with a distinguished company like Lenova already puts you ahead of the pack. They have the expertise to guide you through all stages of the purchase.

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