The need for a lifestyle of simplicity and relatively ease, is one of the main reasons why COMPLEX LIVING has become such a popular lifestyle choice.


  • Whether you are a first time home-owner, a young professional, have a family or planning on downgrading, complex living is adaptable, taking a load of your shoulder in terms of future planning and your basic needs, such as community, security, time and saving money.
  • Living in complex creates a sense of belonging and community. Not only does it create an opportunity for new friendships, but there is also shared responsibility in issues related to the complex, adding to a sense of freedom and the psychological comfort of not ‘standing alone’.
  • Security is an important factor of modern day living. As such, access to most complexes can be controlled due to security gates, electric fences and armed response. Add this technology to the community factor, and your family can enjoy a relatively unrestricted and safe living environment.
  • Complex living saves money. Not only do you save on security; you also safe on maintenance costs, because the exterior and communal areas are dealt with by the Body Corporate and the community as a whole. A ‘maintenance fee’ is usually incorporated within the monthly levy, putting less stress on your wallet when maintenance needs to be done. You also save on insurance because your living environment is safer and damage to the exterior property, such as roofs and boundary walls comes out of your levy, minimising premium increases from your personal insurance.
  • By not having to worry about serious maintenance issues, you save time, giving you the freedom to do the things that adds value and meaning to your life, like family, travelling, sport, hobbies and the like.
  • The lock-up-and-go factor of complex living is a huge bonus. Whether you go away on business or an extended holiday, you know your property is relatively safe and being looked after.
  • The advantages associated with the simplicity of complex living, is an investment in your financial future. When buying directly from the developer, you also save on transfer costs, which can be used to upgrade your home, or as an investment in your pension fund or children’s education.
  • Because of the variety of choices available today, you can choose a complex that suits your specific needs. Should you buy directly from the developer, you could even negotiate small changes on the plan, to maximise the use of space, for example the use of large windows, sliding doors, balconies and patios walking out onto a private garden.
  • Most modern complexes also offer a communal area, where friends can be entertained, kids can play and the health-conscious can exercises within the safe confines of the complex.


Lenova Construction and Development understands the needs of a home-owner and offers beautiful, modern and trendy homes, with the best quality finishes and systems, not lacking one bit in sophistication, yet keeping that ‘homely feel’. Currently we have a few projects: brand new Jedburgh and Ivy hill and Harvard Crest in wild olive estate, and also have Mount Sophia in Heuwelsig, ARCATA in Bloemspruit


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