Estate living has become extremely popular in South Africa during recent years. This has seen many a South African family move into secure, gated estates from normal sub-urban areas. Why does lifestyle estate living offer a great option to informed and concerned South African families? The strong upward trend for the demand in lifestyle estates is motivated by:

  • Added safety and security;
  • Availability and accessibility of amenities – a healthy lifestyle;
  • Effective property management and maintenance;
  • Community Involvement;
  • Architectural Intelligence and Overcrowding; and
  • Secure investment.


Safety and Security

It is no secret that crime is still a common concern in South Africa. This begs the need for South Africans to protect themselves, their families and hard-earned belongings against unwanted elements. Lifestyle estates are synonymous with added safety and security and therefore a remarkable option for South Africans who require peace of mind when the safety of their families is top priority.

The mainstream of lifestyle estates hosts a variety of state-of-the-art safety features such as biometric access control, CCTV, patrol guards and effective fencing, to name but a few. Buyers want peace of mind knowing that their families and belongings are protected at all times without having to look over their shoulders constantly. The demand for these estates is boosted due to the huge emphasis which is placed on safety and security.


Availability and accessibility of amenities – a healthy lifestyle

The vast majority of lifestyle estates are built in close proximity to shopping centres, swimming pools, crèches, gyms, sports facilities, etc. The more upmarket estates will host a large majority of these facilities which is an added benefit to its residents. In most cases, amenities are walking distances from these estates.

It is often mentioned by adults that they had a wonderful childhood by playing in the streets, without adult supervision. Nowadays parents shiver when they imagine their kids doing the same.

Living in an estate, however, promises that their kids can enjoy the same carefree lifestyle that they once experienced.

Convenience is the key concept regarding amenities in lifestyle estates. The wider the variety of close proximity amenities, the more sought after the lifestyle estate will be. Buyers must be prepared to pay more for these added benefits as it will contribute to convenience regarding time and travelling costs in the long run.

Amenities such as pools, gyms, sports fields will encourage residents to engage into a healthy lifestyle which is much more difficult to maintain in a normal urban residential area. It is safe to go for walks or cycle within the boundaries of the estate which promotes an active and healthier lifestyle.


Effective property management and maintenance

Every lifestyle estate has a Home Owner Association which is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of communal areas of the estate. They will ensure that general condition of the estate is maintained like lawns, pools, streetlamps, tennis courts etc.

HOA can assist homeowners with names of approved contractors when a homeowner should require the services of a contractor such plumbers, carpenters, builders etc. This provides peace of mind as the homeowner is assured that the quality of work and service will be satisfactory as these contractors have been vetted by the HOA.

HOAs have annual general meetings with residents to discuss issues of concern. A monthly levy is applicable to fund the upkeep and maintenance of the estate. The advantage of this is that maintenance costs are shared amongst the owners making it a cost-effective way to maintain the estate. Homeowners have the opportunity to air their voices at these meetings to ensure that the management of levies and maintenance of the estate is conducted professionally. This means that each homeowner is involved in the management of the property.


Community Involvement

Living in a lifestyle estate motivates the residents to be more involved in their own local community. With the variety of amenities and the well-designed layout of the estate, residents are presented with a better chance to get to know each other.

Estate living adopts a fantastic community-friendly lifestyle that causes a whole lot more benefits than meets the eye. Each estate attracts their own (likeminded) residents. If there are amenities that are child-friendly, then there is a great possibility that there are many other families in the same estate with the same requirements regarding children. This promotes a mindfulness with the residents, making everyone more cautious about the safety of the children.


Architectural Intelligence & Overcrowding

It is customary practice to make use of the services of an architect when developing a lifestyle estate. The architect and the developers will ensure that the homes are well designed and that they complement each other. Homeowners can rest assured that the layout of such estates are done by professionals, thus ensuring an optimally functional and convenient lifestyle estate. This will generally contribute to the increase in resale value of the estate’s properties.

Developers and architects usually plan out how many units and residents the estate will consist of. When purchasing their unit homeowners can rest assured knowing that another house will not arise within close proximity to them. The risk of facilities being overcrowded, will be eliminated as they only cater for a limited number of people who will reside in the estate. There is usually a set amount of parking spaces allocated for homeowners. The number of visitors can be controlled by security thus eliminating the risk of unwanted traffic and people in the estate.


Secure investment

Homes inside of a lifestyle estate usually have a higher value due to all the reasons mentioned above. These homes will offer a higher rental income bracket and remain highly sought after by both renters and buyers.

Even though the average lifestyle estate homes are a little more expensive than old suburb freestanding homes, owning a house inside of a lifestyle estate will guarantee a sound investment. These homes tend to have a higher resale value than those old suburb freestanding homes. Based on actual sales, using Lightstone’s data for the national residential property market, house prices reflect average price inflation of 5.8%. In contrast, the Association of Residential Communities (ARC) website states that annual house price inflation in lifestyle estates is 7.5%

The value of property in residential estates is typically higher than a normal house or apartment. Considering the high-security features, the architecture, blossoming gardens and amenities, exclusivity boost the value and allows for properties within such estates to maintain their value. Homeowners are therefore assured of a sound return on investment when considering to re-sell.

With all of the abovementioned benefits, it is easy to determine why so many people choose to reside in an environment where they can work less and play more when they are at home.



As you can see, there are numerous benefits to estate living that makes it a fantastic option for investing in property, especially within the Bloemfontein area. Everybody has different requirements and limited budgets. We are sure that we could match your requirements with your budget providing you with the home of which you have always dreamt.


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